[Unturned PVE PEI] I've Had Enough of PVE Raiders!!

Post here if you need staff assistance regarding one of our Unturned servers.
Finally, I have had enough of raiding. This is a long story about what happened to me in my days in Unturned. Please prepare, all of it is true.

Day 1, Wednesday, June 21
So I just started playing in this server. I was happy though, because most people were friendly, and because I got lucky with the loot.
20170618150003_1.jpg (104.8 KiB) Viewed 1398 times
Also, I did notice the server rules, (No Raiding, No Offensive Language, etc.). So at around 2-3 hours of gameplay, I got to finish in building my base. One time, I realized I was low on metal, so I asked some guys in the server for a pickaxe. They rejected. Later on, I asked for a chart because I needed a map. And so they said yes. I told them my location for trade. Then when we were about to trade, they told me to kneel down and do a "surrender" gesture. If I do so, they told me that they will give me the chart. I sure knew they were about to scam me, because they were going to handcuff me. So I ran to my base and logged out. Thankfully, my door was metal.

Day 2, Thursday, June 22
I was trying to be friendly that day. Then something miraculous happened. There was an airdrop that landed right in front of my base:
20170621190957_1.jpg (157.62 KiB) Viewed 1398 times
And also, I got this kind of loot:
20170621191000_1.jpg (168.59 KiB) Viewed 1398 times
Not the best loot, but I was satisfied. I told everyone about the miraculous airdrop, and I told them about the loot.

See the part 2 later on (I can only attatch 3 photos, while I still have much more)
(the continuation)

And yup. You guessed what happened. They tried to raid me. Firstly, they were spying from the outside of my base. Then I climbed to the roof of my house and I saw the two players spying. When I saw them, they were trying to threaten me, "We got Katanas. We got C4. We will loot your base". And I told them to try it out. But probably they feared that I will screenshot them. So they just stayed near the exit of my base, trying to taunt on me. I screenshotted them, and you will see these names.
20170621201822_1.jpg (130.62 KiB) Viewed 1396 times
If you want names, here they are:
-Rocket Pixies
-Group name is "ManaGER"
I wanted to report this. But I gave them a chance. And I hoped they will change.
Also, if you plan to ban them, do it NOW. If you want though, because they might change their names if they see my post.

Day 3, Friday, June 23
Another day in Unturned. Was very excited. Until I left the house. I was very disappointed. I closed all doors, I built a wall to cover my house. And you got it. I was RAIDED. This sounded like bad news. First thing I noticed was the fact that they almost destroyed my car:
20170622092015_1.jpg (122.61 KiB) Viewed 1396 times
Secondly, I saw that they changed the name of the flag in my base. At first it was "Legion Clan". And then they changed it to "I have a really small dick":
20170622092021_1.jpg (158.72 KiB) Viewed 1396 times
So I was pressured. I then tried my best to create a claim flag and a bigger garage in 1 DAY.

Continuation is Part 3, to be posted late on
(the continuation)

Also, I have noticed that they have placed wooden plates to get on top of my base:
20170622092110_1.jpg (120.03 KiB) Viewed 1391 times

So far my experience after that moment was peaceful until 4 days later, today (June 27)
I was horrified after seeing these:
The raiders broke into my base...
20170627082649_1.jpg (100.07 KiB) Viewed 1391 times
Also, they placed another flag in the base and named it "penis"...
They broke through from the second floor, and they also removed the claim flag which is just beside the ladder...
20170627082744_1.jpg (84.3 KiB) Viewed 1391 times
More info later on...
(the continuation)

Okay, I have provided you all possible evidence with screenshots. However, many things had happened before in the past, in which, sadly, has no evidence. Sometimes, I tend to forget the screenshot button, but here's what happened and all the information I have so far:

-ManaGERS was I think the best (in terms of loot and base) so far. I have traveled around the server and found not a single metal base, except for probably theirs.
-Military loot spawns and also lighthouse was being blocked by metal doors and trapdoors, it means all except for them can get the loot. The reasons for this is because they are the best in terms of quality so far.
-When one of ManaGER's members was online (Fireshaw), I asked him to apologize to me. However, instead of telling me that they had done nothing, they instead threatened me. And the effect, I got raided. Well that was a small raid, all he's done was I think destroying my car.
-When I first saw them, I saw them riding a green car from the SOUTH of the map. And when they were online, I spied on a large full metal base south of Pirate Cove (south of Alberton), and I saw the base being lit up. The base was not a metal box, it was a big behemoth, it had a large garage, and had armored glass. It means their way of getting to my base was from the south, and how I first saw them was from the south.
-Lastly and the most crucial factor of the reason why they were the ones who raided me. Who else knew my location? No one, like literally NO ONE in the server had found my base EXCEPT ManaGER group. If there were other people who saw my base, they are probably noobs. Where was my base? Hidden west of the port in PEI. And my base is not ordinary. It stood 3 stories high protected with maple and metal walls and plates. Only players with explosives can get in.

I beg pardon for the fact of the lack of evidential photos of these claims, but all of this is true. I have a few photos of my Unturned experience with the beautiful server of yours from the previous posts. So I believe there are server rules; 1. No Raiding, 2. No foul language, 3. No bug-using or exploiting, 4. Speak english in public chat

They have broken TWO major rules:
-No raiding (we already know why)
-No foul language (he changed the flag name of my base into "penis")

In my opinion, there are 4 things that should/could be done:
-Ban ManaGER group and its players out of the server.
-Put a plugin in the server where there are safezones (it means your buildings and stuff are not damageable), research more about that. It is probably the most friendly suggestion I have.
-Take any disciplinary action of your choice.
- [MUST BE DONE] Remove anything that blocks item spawn (e.g. Locked Metal Doors in Military bases, Locked trapdoor on the roof of the lighthouse, etc)

At the very end of the day, the verdict is yours (admins) to decide. All of what I said is 100% true. This has been a very long post (actually 4 posts) about all the bad things that had happened in your PEI server. Please do SOMETHING and take action on all the bad things that happened in the server. Peace to all.

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. You're pointing out a couple of serious issues with the unturned server. I will forward this to the rest of the staff team, and we will look into it.

On a side note: I merged and moved all the topics, next time you need to upload more than 3 pictures you can upload them to an external image site (like imgur) and use the bbcodes to embed them:
[ img][/img]
Hi Yeb,

Thanks for your post, we will definately take a look into this issue.
I have added you on steam, can you please accept my request?


Edit: Please send me a message on steam when you accept me, im a bit busy and might forget to message you :/
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